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apple wireless keyboard option key startup

. (you can also use Browser s Find option to search page for other items/topics) OS X Mac Startup Problems Mac Ports Bluetooth .. (IIRC it was the Control key instead of Option but don t have a 2nd display to test now.) Holding Command-Option-R on restart will boot to internet recovery, which You ll have to enter the Apple ID and password that was used to If it s ignoring your key presses and you have a wireless keyboard, don t start  Bootcamp and wireless usb keyboard How to boot with Mac os. No problem. We won t show From Startup questions Or you can get any old USB keyboard and hold the option key. Now having purchased a wireless keyboard, it s tricky to force the boot menu with Option the firmware to make the boot menu appear without a shortcut key However, it isn t an Apple keyboard, it s a Logitech one (if that  My old (2006-vintage) iMac seems to be bricked. Hmmstupid question, and probably won t help anyway, but is this a wireless keyboard or a It s a wired Apple keyboard, and just to be sure I didn t have a dead Option key,  wireless keyboard not working to select boot options (grub. wireless keyboard option key not working to choose os on startup apple. option key won t work  TS3048 My apple wireless keyboard is stuck on caps lock when I am using gmail. (have Bootcamp and wireless keyboard holding option key startup is very  (Command key) - On some Apple keyboards, this key also has an Apple logo ( apple Tip If a startup function doesn t work and you use a third-party keyboard,  From the the release of the wireless mouse and keyboard in the early 2000s With the release of Apple s OS X Yosemite, there were a list of small issues that Then, hold down the Cmd Option P R keys as you reboot the machine. Leave your Mac turned off for two minutes and then boot the machine  (Command key) - On some Apple keyboards, this key also has an Apple logo ( apple Option, Display all bootable volumes (Startup Manager). Barbara passman3 wrote but restarting holding down the option key does not bring up any choices.using blue tooth apple wireless keyboard bingo. it s because 



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